WiMAX woes

10 Jul 2006

The New Zealand government is sticking to its plan of reallocating 2.3GHz spectrum once the current rights to the frequencies expire in 2010. The 2.3GHz band, which can be used for WiMAX wireless broadband services, is currently split into twelve packages of 8MHz, with four firms – Woosh Wireless, BCL, Telecom NZ and Sky – controlling the spectrum until November 2010. According to local newspaper The Dominion Post, the government is considering a plan to re-package the spectrum into three 30MHz blocks, with a sale possible before the end of this year. But Woosh Wireless, which negotiated deals with other spectrum holders to give it more than 30MHz of frequencies in the 2.3GHz band, says the government’s proposal will force it to halt its rollout plans and delay the development of WiMAX in New Zealand. The government claims that if current spectrum owners are unable to retain rights to their frequencies beyond 2010 then they will be able to sell these rights on to the new owners, thus freeing up the spectrum immediately.

New Zealand, Woosh Wireless