BayanTel says it will take three years to deploy mobile network

5 Jul 2006

Benpres Holdings Corp, the parent company of Bayan Telecommunications (BayanTel), says it will take at least three years for it to roll out a mobile phone network, but confirmed that the unit does plan to enter the local market. BayanTel received a provisional permit from the regulator, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) on 3 May 2000, but is yet to launch commercial operations. In a statement, Benpres reaffirmed its commitment to the venture saying, ‘BayanTel chief executive consultant Tunde Fafunwa has made it clear in previous public statements of its commitment to comply with the conditions prescribed by the provisional authority.’ The NTC has urged the telco, which currently operates fixed line services, to opt for a GSM network, even though it submitted its licence application based on a plan to deploy CDMA technology. The watchdog has warned it could lose the 1800MHz bandwidth it has been assigned if it chooses to adopt CDMA.