Telstra declares mobile TV trial a success

30 Jun 2006

Australia’s Telstra Mobile has reported success in its trial of mobile TV services in Sydney. The Movemedia service is being transmitted using DVB-H (digital video broadcasting – handheld) technology. Trialists received the service via Nokia 7710 handsets, capable of receiving 16 broadcast video streams while simultaneously utilising Telstra’s GSM/GPRS mobile network. The pilot was conducted in partnership with Broadcast Australia Group and offered services to 375 users in the city. It offered ten Foxtel channels (Channel V, E!, Fox Football, Fox Sports News, Nickelodeon, Sky News, Sky News Business, The History Channel, The Lifestyle Channel and The Weather Channel), along with ABC2, SBS, Channel Nine, CNN, Sky Racing and Boomerang. Telstra found that 80% of trialists liked the ability to watch TV on the move, with viewing increasing during week days as workers accessed the service on the way to the office and at lunchtime. It says they accessed the service for an average of 25 minutes per viewing session, with one or two sessions per day. The most popular content was general entertainment, news and documentaries, all of which met expectations, though many noted that would like to be able download and record programmes to watch later.

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