Ofcom to offer twelve licences in 10GHz, 28GHz and 32GHz bands

30 Jun 2006

UK regulator Ofcom has published proposals to open up new spectrum in the 10GHz, 28GHz and 32GHz bands, to be distributed in a simultaneous multiple round auction. Ofcom suggest the frequency could be used for a range of new broadband, wireless and broadcast services, including high capacity, high speed data connections for mobile and fixed broadband networks. Ofcom has proposed offering twelve licences in the bands in the following proposed packages: a single nationwide 10GHz licence of 2×100 MHz; two nationwide 28GHz concessions of 2×112 MHz, plus three geographically limited 28GHz licences each of 2×112 MHz which can only operate in certain areas; and six nationwide 32GHz licences of 2×126 MHz. The deadline for responses to the consultation is 7 September 2006.

United Kingdom