Telecom NZ to separate wholesale/retail operations

27 Jun 2006

New Zealand incumbent Telecom NZ has announced plans to voluntarily separate its wholesale and retail operations in an effort to prevent the government from making any further interventions in the country’s telecoms market. Two months ago the authorities announced it was to usher in a suite of reforms aimed at increasing competition and boosting the uptake of high speed internet access services, and yesterday the Telecommunications Amendment Bill was unveiled.

Telecom NZ’s incoming chairman Wayne Boyd has promised that the new set-up will provide ‘transparent, non-discriminatory arrangements’ for regulated services to all customers. His company has looked at similar models elsewhere, such as BT’s Openreach, after coming under increasing pressure to provide a level playing field to its competitors. ‘The planned separation structurally reinforces the wholesale charter which we’ve been working through with wholesale customers for the past few months,’ he said.

New Zealand, Spark