New Zealand introduces new broadband bill

26 Jun 2006

The government of New Zealand has unveiled legislation on new broadband regulations, less than two months after plans for reform were leaked to national operator Telecom. The Telecommunications Amendment Bill is designed to implement the government’s proposals for the sector announced on 3 May to speed up the provision of high speed broadband services. The legislation provides for:

- Introducing local loop unbundling and three supporting services that provide for backhaul and co-location of competitors’ equipment in telephone exchanges and roadside cabinets; and

- Amending the existing unbundled bitstream service (UBS), a form of wholesale broadband, and its supporting backhaul service to remove constraints.

The bill also allows for ‘accounting separation’ provisions to empower the Commerce Commission to require Telecom to prepare and disclose transparent information about its retail and wholesale business activities as if they were independent entities. It also addresses a number of implementation issues that have arisen with the existing processes in the act.

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