Digicel ups Haitian investment due to ‘overwhelming’ demand

26 Jun 2006

Pan-Caribbean mobile operator Digicel plans to extend its investment in Haiti due to increasing demand in the country. Digicel’s Group CEO Colm Delves announced: ‘Our initial investment in Haiti was USD130 million and our Chairman Denis O’Brien has committed to investing a further USD50 million. The response [in Haiti] has been overwhelming’. Delves did not reveal exactly how many subscribers Digicel has signed up on the island but did say that since its launch there last month it has witnessed faster initial take-up than in all its other Caribbean territories. He added that ‘talk of 400,000 subscribers is grossly exaggerated but I will say that in Jamaica we signed up 100,000 subscribers in our first 100 days and Haiti is on course to do better than that. We are very pleased with the rate of growth in Haiti and the way things are going there’. Digicel is now present in 20 countries and has invested USD1.25 billion in the Carribean region.

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