Batelco ordered to stop cheap offer

19 Jun 2006

Batelco has been ordered by Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) to cancel its recently introduced broadband package offering a BHD10 (USD26.5) per month, 256kbps DSL connection. The reason, according to the telco is ‘because Batelco failed to meet its obligations under the Telecommunications Law and its licence.’ In a statement, the company announced: ‘Batelco apologises to its consumers in that it has misled them through the advertisements issued that it could offer such packages when it was aware that it could not do so legally. This announcement is issued pursuant to the order of the Authority.’ The statement went on to say that the TRA has insisted that Batelco offers a similar service, at wholesale rates, to its competitors. Despite this apology, Batelco is now in the process of initiating legal action against the TRA regarding the ‘emergency order’ issued by the TRA to stop it offering the package.