Report accuses government of not using its own broadband networks

15 Jun 2006

According to Ireland On-Line, a report has found that less than 1% of government internet activity is currently carried over state-owned broadband infrastructure, despite some EUR120 million (USD150.9 million) of taxpayers’ money being spent on building 27 Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) nationwide. The paper goes on to say that the state still uses former monopoly eircom for 90% of its online activity, while just 0.2% of government business on the internet goes through its own broadband facility.

Fianna Fáil’s Noel O’Flynn, chairman of the Joint Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resource, has questioned why the state-owned asset is not being used more, while the private company which won a tender to manage the regional network, e-net, has been asked if it has been approached by government departments about using the MANs.

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