Cesky cuts wholesale ADSL prices for rival operators

14 Jun 2006

Czech fixed line incumbent Cesky Telecom says it is cutting its ADSL wholesale prices for alternative operators, although the move is unlikely to result in lower costs for end users in the short term. The telco’s product manager for internet services Petr Matejovsky, confirmed that the cost of the entry level 512kbps service would fall by CZK22 to CZK282 (USD12.53) a month, but that retail prices would remain the same. Meanwhile, a spokesperson for rival operator Volny said the change was only cosmetic and that it planned ‘to use the drop in wholesale prices to improve the main parameters of the current ADSL services in the future.’

Cesky Telecom says it has 375,000 ADSL users connected through its network, meaning that around 100,000 new users have signed up this year. Today, more than 90% of Czech fixed lines, or 1,581 localities, have been upgraded with ADSL capability. It plans to roll out coverage to a further 700 localities this year and is also upgrading its existing DSL equipment over the summer.

Czech Republic, O2 Czech Republic (incl. CETIN)