Western Wireless calls it a day in Slovenia; Tus Mobil acquires spare licence

6 Jun 2006

US-owned Western Wireless International Slovenia (Vega) ceased operations on 1 June after giving up a five-year struggle to gain a foothold in the Slovenian mobile market. The network shutdown followed the sale of its GSM infrastructure assets to the country’s remaining mobile operators, Mobitel and Si.Mobil, for a total of EUR5 million in April. Since then, some 30,000 Vega users have been switching to other services, whilst around 120 Vega employees have been laid off. Vega explained that it ‘saw no prospects in terms of changes on the Slovenian electronic communications market that would justify additional investment’. After selling its network, Vega offloaded its licence to Tus Mobil, a start-up provider of mobile services; the terms of the deal have not been disclosed.