TeliaSonera and Elisa lower mobile interconnection fees

5 Jun 2006

TeliaSonera Finland and Elisa Corporation say they have reached an agreement concerning new mobile interconnection fees. From 1 January 2007, TeliaSonera will collect mobile interconnection fees of 6.6 cents per minute (down from 6.8 cents/min). Meanwhile, the interconnection tariff of Elisa’s mobile networks will be reduced to 7.25 cents/min (from 8.4 cents/min). Elisa also confirmed that its MVNO subsidiary Saunalahti had reduced its interconnection fee in line with its new parent, down to 8.4 cents/min (previously 11 cents/min), effective from 1 June.

Finnish regulator FICORA has long campaigned for TeliaSonera, the mobile market’s largest operator by subscribers, to reduce its interconnection tariffs. Notably, in September 2004, following a series of appeals, Finland’s Supreme Administrative Court issued a final ruling that TeliaSonera must reduce its mobile interconnection charges, upholding a FICORA decision calling for lower fees which dated back to April 2001.

Finland, Telia Finland