Elisa struggles to meet 3G demand following relaxing of bundling regulations

2 Jun 2006

Finland’s Elisa Mobile says it has struggled satisfy meet demand for 3G mobile handset after a change in the country’s telecoms laws allowed operators to offer bundled deals to clients, a spokesperson told Reuters. The new laws allowing bundled sales of phones and subscriptions took effect on 1 April. ‘We had temporary problems, which took place at the very early stages of the bundled 3G phone sales in early April,’ Elisa’s executive vice president for private customer business Matti Vikkula told the agency. ‘High demand took us by surprise, although we were expecting a growth spurt.’ Vikkula had earlier said that the change in regulations had caused 3G phone sale to double in April, whilst the Finnish telecom industry federation FiCom said this week that the number of 3G subscribers in the country is expected to triple to about 300,000 by the end of the year.