Two remain in bidding for fourth cellular licence

30 May 2006

According to BNamericas, two bidders remain in negotiations with the Jamaican government for the country’s fourth wireless licence, which was confiscated from Cingular in 2005. The names of the bidders have not been revealed, with the government only confirming that one is based in the UK while the other is an American firm registered in Barbados. The bidders also propose to use two different types of technology – GSM and CDMA.

Cingular surrendered its licence to the Jamaican government after agreeing in June to sell its Caribbean assets to mobile operator Digicel. The licence was a franchise formerly owned by AT&T Wireless and acquired by Cingular following Cingular’s acquisition of AT&T Wireless in 2004. The Jamaican government expects to net USD5.5 million from the licence sale.