Palcell offices attacked

22 May 2006

Palestinian gunmen stormed the head office of Palestine Cellular Telecommunications Company (Palcell) last week in protest at having their phones cut off, company employees told Reuters. It was reported that around 20 men broke into the building in Gaza upset that their mobile SIM cards were not working. They began shooting at equipment and furnishings, but there were no casualties. Palcel has called on the government to take ‘swift, decisive actions’ against the perpetrators.

Palcell, a subsidiary of Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel) which operates under the brand name ‘Jawwal’, said in a statement: ‘The gunmen terrorized Jawwal employees, expelled them by force and caused widespread property damage as they fired their weapons within the offices. Paltel Group and its companies stand united against such assaults. Together, with other Palestinian companies in the private sector, they will take the necessary actions to ensure that the law deals appropriately with the perpetrators who destroy national property. We urge law-abiding, patriotic Palestinian citizens to take a united stance against such acts because an attack on Paltel Group is an attack on Palestine.’