Motorola signs USD33 million contract with NITEL for CDMA2000 1x kit

10 May 2006

Nigeria Telecommunication (NITEL) has signed a contract with Motorola for the deployment of a code division multiple access (CDMA) network across the capital city Lagos. The contract, which follows the USD50 million GSM contract signed between Motorola and NITEL in 2003, follows a successful CDMA pilot project. ‘As demand for wireless phones continues to grow across Nigeria, NITEL must meet this market need by expanding the service it provides,’ said Chief Cornelius Adebayo, Nigeria’s Minister of Communications, adding that ‘Motorola’s CDMA technology will achieve this aim, and enable us to complement our fixed line service with top-quality wireless phone services.’ NITEL expects the new technology platform, which is set to be operational within four months, to add capacity for 300,000 new customers.

Nigeria, ntel (formerly NITEL/M-Tel)