ADC and True to get internet gateway licences

10 May 2006

Thailand’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has decided to grant international internet gateway (IIG) operating licences to Advanced Datanetwork Communication (ADC) and True Corp. The ‘type-2’ licences allow the leasing of international bandwidth from foreign operators to provide services to local ISPs via state-owned international gateway operator CAT Telecom’s domestic links. ADC, which offers broadband services including multimedia content, is a joint venture of the country’s mobile market leader Advanced Info Services (AIS) and state-run fixed line telco TOT Corp, while retail broadband market leader True offers a full range of fixed and mobile telecoms services.

Thailand’s 40-plus ISPs currently have to purchase bandwidth from CAT alone. In January 2006 the NTC decided to allow private firms entry into three key internet markets — IIG, internet exchange, and consumer voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) telephony. Following the announcement a group of nine Thai ISPs, including Jasmine Internet, applied for a joint IIG licence, planning to share bandwidth if the move goes ahead.

Thailand, True Corp