Swisscom sale plans debated again

8 May 2006

Controversial plans to privatise Swisscom are the subject of a special parliamentary session which starts today. Last November the government announced that it wanted to sell its 62.45% stake in Swisscom, but not all political parties are in agreement on whether this is the best path for the telco. Those against the privatisation, predominantly for financial and political reasons, include the Green Party, the centre-left Social Democratic Party and the centre-right Christian Democrats. They are joined by smaller parties such as the Protestant Party and the Federal Democratic Union, an ultra-conservative Christian party. Opponents of privatisation fear that Swisscom could be sold to a foreign company. They have also raised concerns that its nationwide presence and service may no longer be guaranteed. Among those for privatisation are the business-oriented centre-right Radical Party and the right-wing Swiss People’s Party, as well as Swisscom itself.

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