Terrorists blow up another MegaFon base station

18 Apr 2006

A terrorist bomb has destroyed a base station belonging to Russia’s third largest mobile operator MegaFon in the constituent republic of Ingushetia, reports Cellular News quoting a report by local news service ITAR-TASS yesterday. The base station was located on the territory of a school, but nobody was injured. Several of MegaFon’s base stations have recently been blown up in Ingushetia and Chechnya.

Meanwhile, MegaFon has postponed indefinitely the launch of the Calling Party Pays (CPP) system in Chechnya, the company said in a press release yesterday. CPP was due to be introduced in the region on 1 May but has now been delayed due to a jump in mobile traffic following a recent cut in tariffs, MegaFon said. The cellco claims that the introduction of CPP could lead to a further increase in traffic and cause its network to malfunction. MegaFon, which is the only mobile operator in Chechnya with around 300,000 users, has often been criticised by the republic’s authorities for high tariffs and poor service quality. The company halved its average tariffs in Chechnya early this month. CPP is scheduled to be introduced across Russia on 1 July.

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