Fujitsu, FT test ‘grid computing method’

18 Apr 2006

Fujitsu and France Télécom (FT) are jointly testing a system based on grid computing that enables telecommunications carriers to optimise the use of their IT resources. In the tests, service loads are automatically allocated among servers located in Paris, Tokyo, and Kawasaki, enabling the overall system to handle loads that would have been beyond the capacity of conventional systems. The test is the outcome of a R&D partnership between the two firms signed in December 2004. Fujitsu, Fujitsu Laboratories and FT have co-developed a grid service platform (GSP) which allocates resources automatically in response to application loads, by using grid technologies to ‘virtualise’ and integrate 24 servers located in the three locations of Paris, Tokyo, and Kawasaki, Japan. One of the core requirements of a telco’s infrastructure is that it be able to respond to dramatic load fluctuations. With conventional fixed systems, servers would need to be ready in advance of demand peaks for each service, which is not an efficient way of allocating IT investment resources.

France, Orange Group