Movistar spectrum auction on hold

7 Apr 2006

Chile’s antimonopoly tribunal, the TDLC, has accepted an appeal by Entel PCS to stop the sale of excess spectrum by Movistar Chile, writes BNAmericas. Movistar is selling 25MHz of excess spectrum in the 800MHz band as a condition of its merger with BellSouth Chile last year. Entel filed the appeal because it believes Movistar is not meeting its deadlines and other conditions of the sale process. Entel, the TDLC and Movistar now have five days to give feedback on the appeal. Movistar had set today as the day to accept economic proposals for the frequency. The company is reported to be asking USD30 million for the frequencies, although it has conceded that if offers fall below this amount it could simply hand the spectrum back to the authorities.