DCC to merge into Astelit

6 Apr 2006

Ukrainian D-AMPS mobile operator Digital Cellular Communications (DCC) is to be merged into its sister GSM operator Astelit, after the process was approved at DCC’s extraordinary general meeting of shareholders this week. ‘This restructuring is the logical evolutionary development of DCC and Astelit, as they have long been working as two divisions of one corporate body with the same shareholders and top management,’ Astelit CEO Ahmet Tanyu said in a statement. ‘The aim behind unifying two enterprises into one structure is to enhance the efficiency of internal business processes which will allow us to optimise the business processes and to serve both GSM and D-AMPS clients more effectively.’ The merged company will continue to provide services in the D-AMPS standard and keep the DCC brand for the short term at least. Between them, DCC and Astelit had 2.46 million subscribers at the start of the year. The merged company is wholly owned by Euroasia Telecommunication Holdings, itself 52.35% owned by Turkish operator Turkcell, with the remainder split between domestic investors, including System Capital Management which holds a 45% stake.

Ukraine, Lifecell (Ukraine)