5 Apr 2006

TeleGeography’s team of researchers is putting the final touches this month on its latest major project: Wireless Operator Metrics. This quarterly tracking service provides the latest performance indicators in a concise, easy to use set of spreadsheets covering over 150 mobile operators worldwide.

Total and 3G subscribers at the group and subsidiary levels

Market shares

Percent pre-paid

ARPU pre/post-paid

ARPU voice/data

Churn pre/post-paid

Minutes of use

Financial data including revenue, EBITDA, operating income, net income, and CAPEX

Analytical charts and tables highlighting largest and fastest growing operators

The Wireless Operator Metrics research service tracks more than 150 mobile operators from over 85 countries, including the world’s 40 largest wireless operators and their individual operating subsidiaries. The service covers those mobile operators providing service to over 80 percent of the worldwide mobile subscriber base.

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- The TeleGeography Team

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