Optus lights DSL network

3 Apr 2006

Australian telco Optus has launched its first residential and wholesale DSL services over its own infrastructure. Optus Direct utilises Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers (DSLAMs) to offer telephony and uncapped broadband at download speeds of up to 20Mbps. In a bid to remove its reliance on fixed line incumbent Telstra’s infrastructure, Optus is investing more than AUD150 million (USD114.16 million) in its DSL broadband network. The network will supplement its cable networks, which had coverage of around 1.4 million homes in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne at the end of 2005. Optus’ plans include the installation of DSLAMs in 340 exchanges, enabling it to reach an additional 2.9 million households and businesses across the country and extend its footprint to 60% of the population, including Adelaide, Perth and Canberra for the first time. The broadband network is being built out by China’s Huawei Technologies and will utilise ULL to connect to the copper wire running from the Telstra exchange to the customer’s home. To date, Optus has rolled out the Optus Direct service to 100 exchanges.

Australia, Optus