UMC investments up 140%

29 Mar 2006

Ukraine’s second largest mobile operator Ukrainian Mobile Communications (UMC) invested USD676 million in 2005, up by 140% from USD282 million in 2004, with USD324 million of the total spent in the fourth quarter alone. UMC, owned by Russia’s MTS, rolled out 1,566 base stations during the year to reach a total of 5,383, whilst increasing its number of switchboards from 15 to 26. The expansion boosted network coverage to 91% of Ukraine’s territory by the end of the year, up from 87% at end-2004. UMC’s subscriber base rose 80.7% to 13.327 million at 31 December; which helped increase net profit by 44.9% to USD324 million.

Ukraine, Vodafone Ukraine