TelstraClear steals Telecom’s thunder on broadband

29 Mar 2006

New Zealand’s second largest telecoms operator TelstraClear is attempting to steal a march on incumbent Telecom by launching better broadband deals just days before its larger rival unveils its own new broadband service plans. The Australian-owned company has upped the traffic allowance on residential plans on its network, which is available to about 160,000 homes in Wellington and Christchurch. TelstraClear’s entry package offers a 2Mbps downstream connection with a monthly data allowance of 1GB for NZD29.95 (USD18.22) a month. From 2 April Telecom plans to offer a similar entry level plan, but crucially its service is capped to just 200MB a month. At the other end of the scale, Telecom’s fastest plan has a download speed of 3.5Mbps and a 40GB allowance for NZD149.95 a month, but TelstraClear is trumping it with a 10Mbps 40GB service plan for just NZD99.95.

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