KDDI and TV Asahi to collaborate on terrestrial digital broadcasting

28 Mar 2006

KDDI of Japan is teaming up with TV Asahi to jointly develop TV programming services for mobile phones and broadcast TV, as well as a terrestrial digital broadcasting 1-SEG service. The two companies have been holding trials of terrestrial digital broadcasting and now plan to take advantage of 1-SEG broadcasting to: develop sales promotions and awareness of the technology; to develop TV and online shopping; to verify the feasibility of developing online content linked to TV Asahi programmes; and to implement a trial service connecting the 1-SEG service broadcast by TV Asahi to the various EZweb services offered by KDDI.

1-SEG is a mobile terrestrial digital audio/video broadcasting service in Japan that is due to launch on 1 April 2006. Terrestrial digital broadcast in Japan (ISDB-T) is designed so that each channel is divided into 13 segments. HDTV content occupies 12 segments, and the remaining channel is used for mobile receivers. Hence the name, ‘1-SEG’. The broadcasts use H.264 video and AAC audio encapsulated in MPEG2 Transport Stream. Maximum video resolution is 320×240 pixels, and maximum video bitrate is 128kbps.

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