Wanadoo gloats over VoIP success

23 Mar 2006

UK ISP Wanadoo has reiterated its claims that it is the country’s top consumer VoIP provider, saying it has now signed up 150,000 users to its Wireless & Talk package in the first year since launch. The France Télécom subsidiary says it is adding new VoIP users at a rate of 5,000 a week, eclipsing the rival service of UK incumbent BT, which has around 100,000 IP telephony users. ‘The news confirms Wanadoo’s position as Britain’s number one phone-to-phone consumer VoIP provider… (and marks) the beginnings of a telephony revolution in the UK where the biggest winners are the consumers,’ Wanadoo said in a statement. Regulator Ofcom says there are around 500,000 active VoIP users in the country.

United Kingdom, Orange (formerly Wanadoo UK)