Amazônia Celular losses reach USD19.9 million in 2005

20 Mar 2006

Brazilian wireless operator Tele Norte Celular Participações (Amazônia Celular) reported net losses of BRL42.4 million (USD19.9mn) in the twelve months to 31 December 2005, compared to a net loss of BRL2.6 million in 2004, on revenues of BRL605 million, down from BRL698 million. The company’s net revenues were also down to BRL432 million, from BRL498 million. EBITDA stood at BRL125 million, up from BRL107 million and the EBITDA margin improved from 24.4% to 32% over the period. Amazônia Celular recorded 1.2 million mobile users at the end of the year, of which 257,155 are the more lucrative post-paid and 965,886 are pre-paid.