Vodafone to roll out true 3G broadband later this year

13 Mar 2006

Vodafone’s New Zealand subsidiary says it will roll out a true 3G broadband network later this year, based on HSDPA technology. The company is looking to take the fight to the likes of incumbent fixed line operator Telecom which naturally enough favour copper wire-based systems such as ADSL. Vodafone is remaining tight lipped on the details of its business plan, but believes mobile network access should not be priced out of reach for ordinary internet access. Although high speed wireless services have been used in other parts of the world, in New Zealand their success has been limited by pricing. Vodafone hopes that reducing the dependency on fixed lines for broadband will allow New Zealand businesses to transform themselves. Its research shows that 3G broadband could fulfil the needs of 60% to 80% of all internet users, while providing the added benefit of mobility.

New Zealand, Vodafone New Zealand