TOT plans new future for Thai Mobile

8 Mar 2006

Reports emanating from the Bangkok Post reveal that TOT plans to invest THB10 billion (USD256 million) to re-brand Thai Mobile and look to developing 3G services. It has targeted Vodafone as a strategic partner in the provision of next-generation services. Earlier in the week TOT – which owns 58% of the mobile operator – announced that finally, after much wrangling, it was set to gain full control over the operator instead of having to share management with 42% shareholder CAT Telecom. TOT president Teerawit Charuwat said Thai Mobile was ready to move ahead aggressively now the ownership issues had been largely resolved. The cellco has made virtually no impact in the market despite having a presence for approximately five years: at the end of 2005 it had less than 100,000 subscribers in a market of almost 30 million. It is expected that TOT will eventually gain the 42% equity stake in the operator, though a share price will need to be agreed first, something that could run and run if recent history is anything to go by.

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