Pakcom given 30 days to pay overdue licence fee

6 Mar 2006

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has ordered mobile operator Pakcom (which provides services under the brand name Instaphone) to deposit the second USD14.55 million instalment of its licence fee and USD570,000 Spectrum Administrative Fee (SAF) immediately or face a hefty fine and the possible suspension of its concession. The original deadline for payment of the licence fee instalment was 18 October 2005, whilst the SAF had been due at the start of September. The AMPS/TDMA network operator has been given 30 days to make the payments or explain the delays. Pakcom’s majority shareholder Millicom International Cellular (MIC) is reportedly looking to sell the cellco.

Pakistan, Millicom International Cellular (MIC), Pakcom (Instaphone)