Interconnect fees set to drop by up to 50%

6 Mar 2006

Hungarian telecoms regulator the NHH has proposed that four of the country’s leading fixed line operators cut the cost of interconnection by between 10% and 50%. The cuts are expected to take effect within a month and will affect incumbent Magyar Telekom as well as Invitel, Monortel and Emitel. The regulator added that new tariffs for Hungarotel would be unveiled in the next few weeks. It is understood that Magyar Telekom’s interconnect fees will be cut by an average 11% to HUF1.47 per minute, Monortel’s by 26% to HUF2.25, Emitel’s by 11% to HUF2.45 and Invitel’s by 20% to HUF2.31 per minute. The NHH hopes the cuts in retail charges will nurture growth in the fixed line market. Wholesale monthly fees will fall by about 50% to HUF1,500 and number portability fees will be cut by 30%-40%.