Chinese wireless whispers

24 Feb 2006

The South China Morning Post is reporting that China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile will collaborate with equipment vendors to rollout trial TD-SCDMA networks to the cities of Hebei, Fujian and Shandong. In a separate but related story, investment bank Goldman Sachs is quoted as saying that China Unicom is considering selling its GSM network, possibly to China Telecom. China Telecom is rumoured to be the most likely winner of a TD-SCDMA licence when the state finally awards 3G licences (predicted to be later this year).

Meanwhile, according to the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) the number of wireless customers in the country passed 400 million this month; in January 33.8 billion text messages were sent, up 65.7% on the same month in 2005.