75% of Spanish mobile users give TV the thumbs up

17 Feb 2006

More than three-quarters of Spanish mobile users would recommend mobile TV, with 55% being prepared to pay around EUR5 a month for the service, according to the results of a study by Abertis Telecom, Nokia and Telefónica Móviles. In September 2005 the trio teamed up to launch a mobile TV pilot using Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) technology. The trials took take place in Madrid and Barcelona to test the feasibility of DVB-H and mobile TV services, and offer 500 users the opportunity to watch broadcast content from Antena 3, Sogecable, Telecinco, Telemadrid, TVE and TV3 on Nokia 7710 smartphones equipped with additional accessories to receive mobile broadcasts. The study found little demand for premium broadcast content, with the overwhelming majority of users being content with the basic content provided on the cheapest packages. Around 71% of users watched between 15 and 20 minutes of mobile TV per day, with most people using the service during the daytime and immediately after finishing work.