Brasil Telecom requires USD139 million to carry out pulses to minutes switch

14 Feb 2006

Brazilian fixed line telecoms operator Brasil Telecom must spend BRL300 million (USD139 million) to switch its billing units from ‘pulses’ to ‘minutes’ says the company’s chief executive Ricardo Knoepfelmacher, although some analysts believe the figure sounds too high. Knoepfelmacher told delegates at a telecommunications policies conference that around 35% of its BRL2 billion budget for 2006 would be set aside to enable it to adapt to the new regulations set down by Anatel, but Eduardo Roche, a telecoms analyst at Ágora Senior CTVM, told BNamericas: ‘This [BRL300 million] sounds high’. The telco has already informed the telecoms watchdog that it will be unable to eliminate using pulse billing systems for around 2% of its installed fixed line base.

Brazil, Brasil Telecom (BrT)