Bulldog to get neutered?

7 Feb 2006

The future of UK broadband provider Bulldog Communications is in the balance if local media reports are to be believed, with speculation mounting that the restructuring of Bulldog’s parent Cable & Wireless could see it pulling the plug on the ISP. C&W acquired Bulldog for GBP18.6 million in May 2004. It has ploughed millions of pounds into the company and plans to have coverage of 800 telephone exchanges by the end of 2006. However, subscriber numbers have failed to match expectations with around 80,000 signed up so far, leading analysts to suggest that Bulldog could become the first high profile casualty of C&W’s reorganisation, announced last week. A spokesperson for C&W says an announcement regarding Bulldog’s future will be made at the end of the month when the group outlines its strategy going forward.

United Kingdom, Bulldog Communications Ltd.