MT facing complaints over internet telephony pricing

1 Feb 2006

Internet telephony providers in Macedonia have accused the country’s national telecoms operator Makedonski Telekomunikacii (MT) of charging exorbitantly high prices for using the special numbers that enable customers to connect to their systems. The IP telephony operators say that the charge of MKD2.2/minute (USD0.04/minute) for local calls, and MKD4/minute for national calls, they currently pay MT makes it impossible for them to offer cheap international connections to their customers. The IP providers have called upon the telecoms regulator and the government to create a level playing field, saying the existing regime is a barrier to competition. Moreover, they complain that by using a legal loophole in the Telecoms Law, the incumbent has been blocking the special numbers and in many cases disconnecting subscribers’ telephone lines.

North Macedonia, Makedonski Telekom (Telekom)