German telcos to promote broadband

31 Jan 2006

German telco Arcor, the fixed line unit of Vodafone, has revealed plans to invest EUR200 million (USD242 million) into its broadband network during 2006. Arcor will present its proposal to the German chancellor, saying it is willing to share the costs of constructing the network with incumbent telco Deutsche Telekom (DT). DT itself has announced that it will spend EUR3 billion (USD3.6 billion) into the upgrade of its traditional copper-wire network to fibre-optic during the year. DT said it plans to connect the ten largest German cities by the middle of 2006, and a further 50 by 2007.

Meanwhile, broadband operator QSC has signed a co-operation deal with telco Hansenet, under which Hansenet will start offering its ADSL 2+ service Alice via QSC’s network in April 2006. Hansenet plans to offer Alice in around 60 cities across the country by mid-2006.