T-Mobile boosts DT results

26 Jan 2006

Deutsche Telekom (DT) has released its operational results for 2005, reporting strong growth in its mobile and broadband divisions. The total number of mobile customers grew by nine million during the year, to 86.6 million, with T-Mobile USA adding 4.4 million of these to take its total to 21.7 million, its most successful year of operation yet. T-Mobile Deutschland added 2.1 million customers to claim a total of 29.5 million at the end of the year, while T-Mobile UK’s base grew by 1.4 million to 17.2 million. Its other mobile operations, T-Mobile Austria, T-Mobile Czech Republic, T-Mobile Netherlands, T-Mobile Hungary, T-Mobile Hrvatska and T-Mobile Slovensko reported a total of 17.1 million subscribers at the same date, and mobile subsidiaries in Madedonia and Montenegro claimed 1.1 million users.

There was also strong growth in DT’s broadband division T-Com, which ended the year with a total of 8.5 million DSL lines in operation across its operations. Of the total, 7.9 million were in Germany, where T-Com added 660,000 in the fourth quarter alone. T-Com also operates in Hungary, Croatia and the Slovak Republic, where it claimed a total of 541,000 DSL lines at the same date. The number of basic internet lines in Germany and abroad fell by 3.7% to 41.2 million during 2005, while PSTN lines in Germany fell by 3.3% to 25.5 million and ISDN lines by 6.1% to 9.8 million.

Germany, Deutsche Telekom (DT)