Osiptel orders FWA network

26 Jan 2006

Peruvian telecoms regulator Osiptel and local telco Valtron have signed a contract to roll out a fixed wireless network covering the remote province of Huarochir. The USD1.2 million project (of which USD295,000 will be funded by the country’s universal access fund Fitel) will be built using equipment provided by Chinese vendor ZTE and will be based on CDMA2000 technology operating in the 450MHz and 800MHz bands. At the end of 2004 Huarochir had just 1,508 fixed lines, corresponding to a teledensity of 2.42%. The new contract will add 949 fixed lines, 148 public telephones, 760 wireless connections and 204 dial-up internet connections within a year. Within ten years the number of lines in the province is expected to rise to 38,000.