Asian Colocation Centers

26 Jan 2006

Data from TeleGeography’s Global Colocation Database indicates that colocation facilities in Asia average much more floor space than any other region profiled, with a regional average of 12,831 square meters per site. The United States, by comparison, averages just over 9,500 square meters. Europe and Latin America have much smaller site dimensions, averaging about 4,000 and 900 square meters respectively.

Although Asian colocation centers are the largest, U.S. cities tend to have more total sites and total floor space. All of the world’s top five cities by total colocation floor space are in the U.S.: New York (916,851 square meters), San Francisco (531,071), Los Angeles (512,215), Washington, DC (485,745), and Chicago (463,539). The leading non-American city was London, with 247,714 square meters of space.

This data is drawn from TeleGeography’s Global Colocation Database, a comprehensive database of 800+ carrier-grade colocation sites in the world’s top 50 markets. In addition to colocation sites, the Database features profiles of more than 170 facility operators and over 250 major bandwidth providers worldwide. To learn more about this service, please visit our website:

TeleGeography's Global Colocation Database