MNP a reality, but how many users will notice?

25 Jan 2006

The Czech Republic implemented mobile number portability (MNP) last week, but according to local studies, its arrival is unlikely to have a significant impact and most customers are likely to stay with their current providers. The country’s three cellcos T-Mobile, Eurotel and Oskar Vodafone met on the 15 January – the deadline set under Czech law for implementing MNP – and began receiving requests from users to change later the same day. However, the only customers eligible to change are those which have no contract with their existing service provider, or no other long-term obligation. The Czech regulator the CTU had petitioned for a more liberal approach with fewer MNP restrictions, but T-Mobile took the matter to court and won its case for a more restrictive regime in the Supreme Administrative Court in Brno, South Moravia.