Brazil sees 12.4% rise in residential internet users

19 Jan 2006

The number of residential internet users in Brazil passed the 12.2 million mark at the end of 2005, up 12% year-on-year, according to studies published by research groups Ibope and NetRating. The Brazilian population’s hunger for the internet is also on the increase: the average time a person spent surfing the web in a month reached 17 hours 59 minutes, eclipsing eleven other countries including the US, Japan, France and the UK. Primary search targets were travel and tourism sites (up 93%), beauty and health sites (up 67%) and family and lifestyle sites (48%).

Alexandre Sanches Magalhães, a research analyst at Ibope, told BNamericas that the annual growth could be attributed to a rise in broadband usage in Brazil. ‘Users of fast connections spend more time navigating and complete more tasks online than users with a dial-up connection,’ he said.