Minister calls for telecoms and media reforms

13 Jan 2006

Japan’s Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Heizo Takenaka, is calling for reforms to the country’s outmoded media and telecoms laws, to help the country regain its competitive edge in these industries. Mr Takenaka, the architect of the privatisation of Japan’s postal system, says reform and deregulation could spark a five-fold increase in annual sales for operators. He argues that instead of fighting over the JPY20,000 billion (USD175 billion) domestic pie, there are significant gains to be had by replacing ‘business practices, vested interests and regulatory obstacles that are preventing the full development of goods and services that take full advantage of new technology and the internet’, writes the Financial Times. The minister has called for the formation of a special task force to come up with recommendations on how to reform the regulatory environment. He hopes the group will be able to deliver its proposals in June.