Battle for wireless customers accelerates

13 Jan 2006

According to a report from the BBC, the twin Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago is scene of an enfolding battle between telecoms incumbent TSTT, backed by Cable & Wireless, and newcomer wireless powerhouse Digicel. Despite winning its operating licence last June, and planning to launch at the end of November, Digicel is now not expected to begin commercial services until 30 April 2006, as a result of TSTT assertions that it is not technically possible to provide interconnection before this date. Making the most of its last remaining exclusivity, TSTT has embarked on a heavy marketing campaign offering ‘two-for-one’ deals to those customers willing to sign two-year contracts. Digicel has accused TSTT of abusing its position by being a ‘bullying monopoly’ and ‘making a mockery of the liberalisation process’.