Bayantel seeks review on failed 3G bid

12 Jan 2006

Bayan Telecommunications (Bayantel) has asked the industry regulator, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), to reconsider its application for a 3G mobile network operator licence, according to NTC Deputy Commissioner Jorge Sarmiento. The Asianjournal quotes Sarmiento as saying that the decision to turn down the company’s bid was based on Bayantel’s failure to roll out a cellular mobile telephone service (CMTS), despite being given the clearance to do so. ‘Bayantel claims in its motion for reconsideration that they should be relieved from complying with the track record requirements due to legal and corporate issues. And since they failed to rollout their CMTS, this affected their track record,’ Sarmiento said.

In its appeal, Bayantel is arguing that a court injunction and a ‘corporate rehabilitation’ are to blame for it not being able to roll out the CMTS network. The NTC has given local operators which failed to secure a UMTS concession until 13 January 2006 to appeal its decisions.