Nepal Telecom to release new pre-paid mobile lines

11 Jan 2006

State owned national telecoms provider Nepal Telecom (NT) is planning to release new pre-paid cellphone lines in the capital Kathmandu Valley, from 14 January. In a statement, an official for NT said the company would issue around 29,000 new numbers in the week commencing 14 January to customers who successfully completed application forms in October last year. If successful, NT says it hopes to begin distributing new numbers on a regular basis from mid-February, to meet pent-up demand. Despite a long waiting list, the telco has only been able to issue 22,000 lines since pay-as-you-go services were resumed in the Valley in August 2005. NT says some 120,000 people have pre-registered for SIM cards and hundreds more are waiting for it to start distributing new lines. The company has issued around 200,000 pre-paid SIM cards since August 2003.

Nepal, Nepal Telecom (NT)