IP telephony services licence launched

6 Jan 2006

The Office of the Telecommunications Authority (OFTA) has announced the introduction of a new services-based operator licence to provide internet protocol telephony (VoIP) services. The new concession is operated under a two-class regulatory regime: class 1 licences are required for those providing services that have all the attributes of a conventional telephony service. Class 1 licence holders will be required to fulfil the licensing conditions of full FTNS licensees. Class 2 licences are for those offering services which do not have the same attributes as regular fixed line services and are therefore subject only to minimal licensing conditions. To help consumers identify the class of services provided, class 2 licensees have been allocated the prefixes ‘57’ and ‘58’. Class 1 providers will share the same number allocations as FTNS licensees, namely ‘2’ and ‘3’. Number portability will be only available for class 1 services.

Hong Kong