Cellcos ask for more time to switch

19 Dec 2005

Tanzanian mobile operators Mobitel and Vodacom are asking the government for an extension to the 31 December deadline that requires all the country’s operators to switch to a new numbering system. Mobitel, which uses the 0741 prefix, and Vodacom, which uses access codes 0744, 0745 and 0746, have asked to be given until May 2006 to upgrade their systems and migrate users to the new access codes. The Tanzanian Communications Regulatory Authority asked the four operators to implement a new system in January 2005 in order to accommodate new services and a rapidly expanding subscriber base. Although two of the four, Celtel and Zanzibar Telecommunications Company, have complied, Mobitel and Vodacom are yet to switch, meaning that they risk being shut down by the government.